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human design
        welcome workshop

introduction to

Inside the workshop:

This is a 40+ minute crash course presentation on the basic foundational knowledge of human design.
We will briefly go through:

What is Human Design?
the BodyGraph Chart

Aura & Type

Signature & Not-Self Themes
Profile & the 6 Lines

By the end of the workshop:

You should have a better understanding of Human Design, and will already begin to feel validated and recognized in who you are. Human Design is a complex system, but it doesn't have to be complicated, and this workshop is the first step in coming to clarity about how to utilize Human Design and embrace your unique energetic blueprint.

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Get the free workshop:

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what if I told you that its possible to love and accept yourself exactly as you are?

...and that your imperfections and mistakes and shadowy bits are things of beauty, too?

It's true. And having a custom tailored approach to your unique energetic blueprint through Human Design can help you see it.

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