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from burnt out


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hey, gorgeous...

Nice to have you here. Truly.

I'm Hollie... a 3/5 Splenic Projector, RAX of Eden (4), PLL-DRL, a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, & Gemini Rising. I am "Mama" of two (3 & 5 years old), and am married to my high school sweetheart. I work from home while watching my littles, and even though it is hard in its own (many, many) ways, I feel incredibly blessed to be able to pursue doing what I love, help others, embrace my purpose & creative expression, and be with my family all at the same time. I'm continually furthering my studies in Human Design (there is always something to learn), and you can find me with one of my earbuds in consuming audiobooks, source material, courses, lectures, & podcasts.

I'm perpetually deconditioning and re-learning to accept all the parts of me. Human Design is helping me both observe and accept my true self again, because I know I used to and I just slowly let her fade away. Finding out I was a Projector was like a gift (one that keeps on giving) and the more I learn about my design, the more my entire life makes sense. It is like Human Design is slowly helping put the pieces of my seemingly impossible puzzle together, and helping me feel more and more easeful in life and with letting my body lead the way. It is all about coming home to yourself and your body. Your body really does know....and I can finally hear mine again. 

Human Design is just one modality that I have used and continue to use to help heal and come back to my body and out of my mind. I have had a secret love affair with Tarot for over 6 years, and I have never ever been led astray by my decks. I also use various oracle decks, practice meditation when I can, and constantly work on deepening my trust in my intuition & guides. The Akashic Records have been a very healing place for me, and I hope to one day connect to my own and also dive into others'. There are so many tools and modalities that have helped me realign with my authentic self. But Human Design was the catalyst for me...Once I began deconditioning and embodying my design, I became even more open-minded and things that never really resonated very much before (like Astrology) slowly began to resonate very deeply. Lifting the veils of my conditioning feels like being more and more free to be me and honor my own unique energy. Everyone is different, and I know I am meant to do things in my own magical way.  Come along with me as I learn to embrace myself more and more each day.

Now I pride myself on not feeling like I have to niche down or have one avenue of focus. I can have many, as I am very multifaceted. I can embrace all my skills, my talents, and get everything I desired in the way I desire. I truly believe that. And I believe it's possible for you, too. That's one reason I created my digital products. Whether you're a person looking for some helpful printable workbooks or journals, a coach who needs a hand with forms and worksheets or a few helpful tools to add to yo
ur workshops and sessions, OR you are looking to create a passive income stream with digital products to RESELL, I have something for you. 


my mission

shifting light is all about...

At Shifting Light, our goal is to help people rediscover their true selves and embrace their unique individuality through Human Design. We believe that everyone has the potential to be exactly who they came here to be, and our mission is to guide them on that journey. Our approach is always personalized, as we recognize that each person is unique and has their own customized path towards fulfillment.

One of my many missions is to also create beautiful digital products that help and enable other individuals like me to live life on their terms and with greater freedom. In today's hustle culture, people often feel burnt out and lack the space to REALLY enjoy life. That's where Shifting Light comes in.

We create digital products that are gorgeous and timeless and help our clients develop and launch their own workbooks, eBooks, Instagram posts, coaching businesses, or create their own digital product businesses. I want to make it possible for you to create passive income streams, I want to make it possible for you to live life with more ease and less stress, giving you the flexibility to enjoy the fruits of your labor and spend time on what matters most in life.

Copy of Product and Collection Templates (9).png
Copy of Product and Collection Templates (9).png

what exactly is human design?

human design is all about...

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation. It brings together different pieces of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, I' Ching, Astrology, the Chakra System, Quantum Physics and beyond, and was channeled by Ra Uru Hu in 1987, then expanded on throughout his years learning its multiple facets. It uses what is referred to as a BodyGraph (your Human Design Chart) that is calculated using the time, place, and date of your birth, such as a Natal Chart would. It is an essential tool you can add to your toolbox of life that acts like a manual or map to how you are meant to spend your energy and interact with others energy.

"Human Design is about decision making..." (Ra). It is a self-awareness and decision making tool, and a way of coming home to yourself. Of loving yourself. Because you get to make decisions as you and for you, not anyone else


It is a deep look into why you work the way you do, what makes you tick, and why you are who you are. It teaches you a new (and correct) way of processing your unique energy, and become familiar with how you work with others energy around you. Human Design helps you de-condition from societal, familial, and mental conditioning and roadblocking, and helps you begin to work WITH your special Human Design instead of against it. Slowly, it takes time, as I said before (deconditioning cycles are said to last 7 years), but after embodying your Human Design - and hopefully shortly after beginning your experiment - you will come to see that life just begins to unfold in a way that feels more easeful and pleasing to you. In a way that helps your energy thrive.


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